Privacy statement

Effects of the processing of your data through responsible parties and third parties

We process your personal information only for the purposes set forth in this privacy notice. The transmission of your personal data to third parties for purposes other than those established is not contemplated. We share your personal data with third parties only in the following cases:

  • You have given us your explicit permission to do so
  • The processing of data through the execution of contracts concluded with you was mandatory
  • The processing of your data for compliance with legal obligations was mandatory


The processing of your data will be carried out only for justified interests, if the procedure is necessary to safeguard those interests and if there is no reason to believe that you have a higher legitimate interest in not disclosing your information.

Deletion or blocking of your data

We maintain a policy of prevention and data saving. Therefore, we store your personal information only as long as it is necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes mentioned herein or that established by the multiple legislations regarding storage periods. After the fulfillment of the respective purposes, that is to say, when it corresponds to the expiration of these terms, the corresponding data will be blocked or eliminated.


Registering general information upon visiting our website

When you access our website, general information will be automatically collected through Cookies. This information (server login files) includes the type of browser and operating system used, the domain of your internet provider and the like. This means that it is exclusively information that does not allow an individual to be identified.


This information is technically necessary and required for the content of the pages to be delivered correctly and is forcibly generated due to the use of the internet. This information will be processed specifically for the following purposes:


  • Ensures ease of connection to the website
  • Guarantees the correct use of our website
  • Evaluation of safety as well as stability
  • Various administrative purposes


The processing of your personal data is based on our legitimate interest in the above mentioned data collection. We do not use your data in such a way as to identify an individual. The recipient of your data is only the responsible body and, if necessary, the person in charge of such processing.


This way the information is kept anonymous and, if necessary, evaluated for statistical purposes, for our internet platform and to technically optimize its acquisition.



Like many other websites, we also use so-called "Cookies". Cookies are small text files that are transferred to your hard drive. In doing so, we automatically collect certain data, e.g. IP address, browser and operating system used, and your internet connection.


Cookies cannot be used to start a program or transfer viruses to a computer. By means of Cookies, we can obtain information to facilitate your navigation and to make possible the correct visualization of our web site.


We do not in any way collect data and transfer it to third parties without your consent.


Naturally, you can view our website without cookies. Internet browsers can be regularly configured to accept or block cookies. You can deactivate the use of Cookies at any time from your browser settings. Please use the support of your browser to find out how you can change this setting. Please note that some functions of our website may not work if you deactivate the use of cookies.


SSL Encryption

For security reasons and to protect the transfer of confidential content, we use the latest encryption technology (for example, SSL instead of HTTPS)


Contact Form

If you have questions of any kind, you can contact us by email or through the contact form that we provide for this purpose. In order to do this a valid email address is required. With it, we proceed to the classification of the applications and the subsequent response of these. The declaration of additional data is optional. Your statements will be used to process your response, as well as possible additional questions stored. Once the corresponding answers have been delivered, your personal data will be automatically deleted.


Social Network Plug-ins

Our websites have social networking plug-ins used by the providers listed below. You can recognize the plug-ins as they are identified with their corresponding logos.


You can find more information about these plug-ins, which may include personal information, and the administration services submitted and used below. We avoid the unconscious and involuntary registration and transfer of data to the administration services by deleting them in 2 clicks, that is, only once the corresponding button has been clicked to be activated. It is through this activation of the plug-ins that the registration of the information and its transfer to the administration service is also activated. We do not register any personal data through the social network plug-ins or through their use.


We have no influence on which data is recorded when activating the plug-in and how it will be used by the provider. It should be noted that in a direct connection with the services that the providers develop, at least the IP address and information concerning your device will be recorded and used. There is also the possibility that the service provider may attempt to store Cookies on your computer. Therefore, please consult the data protection policy of the relevant service provider to find out which specific data are recorded and how they are used. As a reference, if you are notified simultaneously by Facebook, you can be identified as a visitor to a particular site.


We have social networking buttons for our website from the following sources:

  • Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA


The use of Google Maps

This site uses the Google Maps API to represent geographic information visually. When using Google Maps, Google data is also used on the use of maps through the collection, processing and use of the visitor. You can consult information about data processing through Google by reviewing their privacy notice. There, in the data protection center, you can also modify your personal data protection settings. More detailed instructions about managing your data in relation to Google products can be found here:


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