Planning is an integral part of all engineering phases. Efficiency, flexibility, innovation and sustainability play an important role within the process.

From the "green field" to the integration of new model generations into existing production lines or changes in the units produced, our experience and creativity ensure efficient production.

We prepare your concept planning and tender documents as well as carrying out the detailed planning, accompanied by design and simulation.

We will also gladly take care of the progress on the construction site until the quality and capacity targets have been achieved.

As part of the planning, we work out for you among others:

  • Layout (2D / 3D)
  • Schedules
  • Capacity Options
  • Workplace analysis (MTM / Refa)
  • Expiration simulations
  • Production optimization
  • Logistics processes
  • Quality Management
  • Change management


Bernd Weil

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Markus Henkel 

Authorized representative , director project management

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Product optimization/ digital protection of the production

Digital protection of the production- robotics:

  • Examination of components regarding joining process (welding, rivets, screws, roller hemming, bonding, rob scan, etcetera).

Digital safeguarding of production - workforce:

  • Product and production ergonomics (plant ergonomics)
  • Inspection for assembly and handling of components.

Digital protection of the production - assembly:

  • Examinations concerning the geometrical availability

Ergonomics simulation

Parallel to the robot simulation, the ergonomic conditions of the worker are analyzed in the same software applications by means of different human-based models and this is governed by national regulations. For example, Asians are usually smaller than Europeans, which must be taken into account accordingly.

Similar to robot simulation, ergonomics simulation also develops concepts for the design of workplaces in different phases.

This happens not only from a design or geometric point of view but is also covered by international debiting procedures.

By means of these loading methods, it is possible to determine the maximum permissible forces for the worker on the basis of the cycle time, the insertion depth, insertion height, as well as body positions, which therefore produces a design for an ergonomic workstation.

In the area of planning, we use all the in the automotive environment current programs:

  • Delmia
  • ProcessDesigner
  • MicroStation
  • AutoCAD
  • FactoryCad
  • 3D-Experience

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