Process simulation

The planning of a manufacturing line is accompanied by process simulation to ensure that the layout and steps of the process work correctly.

In a software tool different influencing factors can be checked risk-free at an early stage and thus form the basis for further decisions.

Used equipment, material flow and type control together with the cycle time, a working time model and a derivative mix ratio usually form the input data of the simulation study.

By taking into account the  influence of potential equipment disruptions or logistical challenges, bottlenecks can be detected, and compensated by optimizing buffers

Alternative solutions and investments are specifically optimized and evaluated to provide an optimal and secure planning process.

The support of a "green field" - planning, the analysis of a running system, or the identification of measures for the integration of further derivatives into existing structures are all equally possible tasks. Reliable indicators such as the degree of utilization and throughput, as well as transparent system behavior, offer reasoning and decision support and indicate the achievement of set targets.

We use the following commonly-used program in the automotive environment:

  • Plant Simulation


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